Life in the Church

Much of my early Christian experience was in isolation. I had little access to Christian fellowship thus most of my Faith was practiced in secret and isolation. When I became older and tried to join others in Christian fellowship I felt out of place. I felt like an outsider who did not belong. Similarly I am naturally a bit introverted, shy and observant. The result is I did not connect. The first time I connected with a Christian community was in medical school. It was a dream I had been praying for four years. Community, Christian friends and to know that I was not the only one.

As I connected with other believers I started to feel God’s love through others. Love that I longed for and needed. This brought healing to my soul. But I also experienced the negative aspects of community. I was not equipped to protect myself from those who would further wound me rather than bringing me healing. For no Christian community is perfect particularly for someone like me with a lot of wounds.

The result was I was hurt and I began to mistrusted the Christian community. I lost faith in the church. I joined the many fellow Christians who loved Jesus but did not love the church. I once again struggled to know how to be a part of the body of Christ when I did not trust it. I still struggle with this issue but I refuse to walk away because loving Jesus means you love the body of Christ. Are you loving the body of Christ, ie the church? If not why not? The body of Christ is far from perfect but we can choose to walk away or be a part of the solution. I choose to be a part of the solution. Are you part of the solution?


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