A Family

As I exited one stage of my life to enter another I wrote a prayer to God. I do not remember writing this but as I have filtered through old journals I came across a prayer, it read “God a family sure would be nice.” This was written after graduating from undergrad. I was broken inside. I think it a miracle that I managed to survive from day to day. But I was also a ticking bomb just waiting to explode. My fellow gymnast were my sisters who I love dearly. I was leaving them to enter a new stage, medical school. I was intimidated and scared.

I remember reading through the scriptures and hearing Jesus call those whom believed in him his family. He redefined family for me. For family is not necessarily blood relation although it can be. But to me family means the body of Christ.

Although I knew my family was my fellow Christian brothers and sisters I meet few other believers that viewed it that way. I meet few that we’re willing to call me their family. What did I want? I wanted someone to claim me. I am so thankful for the few that have claimed me because it is through there actions that I stand today.

When you are at church do you look for the person sitting alone. Are you claiming those in church your family. Are you opening your arms to others and saying you belong here. If not why not? Everyone deserves a family.


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