Reverence for God

My little dog Coco is very loyal. He is like a little teddy bear that comes to snuggle with me. You can tell he loves me. Most of the time he even listens to me, although sometime I have to use my “motherly” voice to get his attention before he is obedient. He is even very protective of me. When someone new comes to our house he becomes the guard dog. He has even been know to “guard” me from others. My little dog Coco is very much “my” dog. But does he also fear me? Does he respect me? Does he even revere me?

I believe he does. For when he does something he is not supposed to do he hides from me. Similarly he is known to tremble in fear with his tail between his legs. Coco loves me, he is loyal but he also reveres me. We should be the same to our God the father. For our God is someone we should love, adore, worship, praise but we should also revere. He is no push over. He is the God almighty who created the universe. But he also loves each of us individually with a love that meant he choose to die on the cross. Our God is both a gentle teddy bear to cuddle with but also a mighty lion not to be tangled with.

It is possible to both love, trust and revere God all at the same time. In order to have a realistic view of our God the father we should be doing all of the above. Just like my dog Coco.


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