We Are An Adulterous People

Have you ever known someone whom you give gift after gift. You provide for there needs. You give and give yet they never turn their eyes to you in thanks. They never acknowledge the gifts you have given them. They never show you respect for the sacrifices you have made on there behalf. Or maybe you have had a lover who was unfaithful. You gave them all your love and devotion yet they give none of it in return. Or maybe you have had a child who like all children is selfish. They do not think of anyone other than themselves.

I think we have all known or been involved with a relationship that has some of these characteristics. It pains us. It torments our hearts. The more you care for the individual the more there lack of return in affections hurts. The more you give them and sacrifice for them the more you are left desolate from no one poring into you in return. In the Old Testament there is a book called Hosea. Hosea was a prophet who God instructed to marry a prostitute. Hosea’s wife bore him children but was not faithful to him. God was showing the prophet Hosea how his people were being unfaithful to him. God had given Israel prosperity. He had provided all these wonderful gifts and instead of acknowledging God’s provision and gifts. Instead of worshiping God and praising him. The country of Israel worship other Gods and idols. They forgot about the giver of their prosperity.

So often we are just like Israel and just like the prophet Hosea’s wife. Everything we own, all our provisions, all the blessings in our lives, any good health we have, any food on our table, all of it is from the Lord. He is the ultimate provider of all good things in our lives. Yet how often do we fail to acknowledge the giver of these gifts. How often do we give thanks to our own skills and hard work rather than acknowledge the giver of those gifts in the first place. How often we get caught up in worshiping our TV rather than our father and provider in heaven. Oh how our sin is so ugly. In book of Hosea God was harsh and wrathful on the nation of Israel. But there was also a promise of mercy if the people would turn from their sinful ways repent, acknowledge the giver of all and praise the one true God rather than the other false idols they had created.

So for us today there is hope for us yet. We are in a time when many people are struggling from loss of income. Many are struggling with health concerns. Many are struggling with fear and uncertainty. But in the midst of these trails we can still turn our eyes to God. We can still thank him, worship him and praise him for the provision he is providing. We can still ask for forgiveness for the times we have failed to acknowledge him as the ultimate provider of all good gifts. We can still receive him mercy. So would you join me today and thanking your Heavenly Father for the many good things he had given you. Amen.


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