The Raging Wind of Uncertainty

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As much as I like to have a map, detailed plans and a sense of certainty in life unfortunately my life is often far from any of those things. For me in particular I dislike uncertainty. It easily causes me to feel out of control, anxious and more likely to panic. The unknown is scary. The uncertainty gives a certain level of fear. Overall it is stressful. Some people easily thrive on uncertainty. They like the adrenaline rush. The adventure. I on the other hand prefer all my little ducks to be in a row. But life often throws us twists and turns. We often feel like we are being tossed and thrown this way and that way by a raging wind. Life is often not as certain as we wish. Similarly if life deviates from the plans we have made, then we often do not handle the fall out well. Or at least I do not handle it well.

I have had to come to terms with the fact that nothing in life is ever certain other than God and his plans. I may think I know what God’s plans are for my life but let’s just say I am often completely blind. I may be uncertain of many things but God is certain of all things. My job is to abide in Jesus. That is the key to God’s plans coming to fruition in our lives. For in comparison to God’s wisdom, understanding and ways we are all blind beggars. But as a blind beggar if we humbly come to our Heavenly Father asking for his direction, wisdom and for his will to be done in our lives we can rest in the fact that we may be blind, we may be uncertain but our Heavenly Father sees all, knows all and understands all.

I do not need certainty in my life. For any certainty I creat for myself is false. I trust in the one true God who is certain of all things. I cast my worries and anxieties I feels from uncertainty on Jesus for he is my good shepherd who guides those who call on his name. So if you are struggling with uncertainty, call on Jesus. Trust that your Heavenly Father has the answer. Praise him, worship him and abide in him. He we see you through the raging winds. Amen.


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